When it comes to Trump, writers Resist and Defy

I hope you'll keep a couple of events in mind as we approach President Trump's inauguration. At Town Hall on Sunday, January 15th, Washington writers celebrate Martin Luther King Jr's birthday and celebrate free speech with an event called "Writers Resist." They'll read their own work and the work of great Americans like Susan B. Anthony, Malcolm X, Susan Sontag, and Thomas Paine. Some of the authors reading include:

  • G. Willow Wilson
  • Jess Walter
  • Elissa Washuta
  • Robert Lashley
  • Jane Wong
  • Sam Ligon
  • Claudia Castro Luna

And on Friday, January 20th, Town Hall hosts "We Defy: Voices and Stories from our Progressive Community," a reading produced by Planned Parenthood. This event features Sherman Alexie, Sonya Renee, Ijeoma Oluo, and leaders from the ACLU, Casa Latina, and other progressive organizations "to share thoughts, hear from our local leaders about the challenges they expect, and engage in a discussion of how we may work together in the years ahead."

Of course attending readings isn't the only thing you should do to mobilize in the time ahead. But readings are a great place to start — to meet people, to hear new ideas, and to find inspiration.