Book News Roundup: Have you read Sherman Alexie's viral poem about passports?

  • "I dreamed that my passport was a book of prayers," Sherman Alexie writes in his new poem "Autopsy" at Early Bird Books. "Autopsy" is a deeply political poem that was born from this political moment, like Elisa Chavez's "Revenge" and Claudia Castro Luna's "Am I not an immigrant?," both of which were published right here on the Seattle Review of Books. It is incredibly heartening to see poets making something out of this despair, and to see the general public respond to these poems with such enthusiasm. Donald Trump's election has made the viral protest poem into a thing.

  • JK Rowling has been battling Trump trolls on Twitter, and it's glorious:

  • And since we're speaking of Twitter, a screenshot of a Twitter thread about a librarian who solved a dirty trick involving a young woman's homework assignment has been making the rounds. It's a great example of the importance of librarians and research and not jumping to conclusions.

  • Seattle Rising is a reading/protest happening at Westlake Center tomorrow (Saturday) at 6 pm. Its stated goal is to ensure that "attendees, rather than paid speakers representing large organizations, [take] the floor. You can sign up for your 3 minutes at the tech table on the day of the event."