A little post on Little Free Libraries

If you follow our Instagram account, you know that we're big fans of Little Free Libraries: the way no two libraries are the same, the way they all have different genres depending on the neighborhood, the way you can sometimes browse them for months without finding anything special but then without warning you'll find a book that will change your life.

If you're thinking of opening a Little Free Library of your own, please allow me to send you to this Publishing Perspectives post on the winners of an international Little Free Libraries design competition. The winner is an owl-shaped library, which has to be one of the coolest phrases in the English language. Hopefully you'll find inspiration on that page.

And perhaps best of all, local cartoonist Tatiana Gill has a terrific Flickr stream of Seattle-area Little Free Library photos for you to enjoy. I walk around Seattle a lot and I've never seen some of these; my favorites are the ones that look like miniature houses.