Where can you get Maged Zaher's new book?

This week, I reviewed Maged Zaher's big new career-spanning collection, Opting Out. It's published by local press Chatwin Books, which is based out of Pioneer Square used bookstore Arundel Books.

If you've tried to order Zaher's new book online, you've probably noticed that it's not available. I talked with Chatwin/Arundel owner Phil Bevis about why that is. Basically, Arundel Books had to suddenly move their store to a newer, more favorable location. (Previously it was facing Occidental Park. Now it's at 212 1st Ave S.) But because the move consumed so much of Arundel/Chatwin's time and resources, the book has been delayed.

Bevis says the new publication date for Opting Out is April 7th. Any books you pre-order through IndieBound or http://www.chatwinbooks.com or any other online retailer will be fulfilled then. But if you can't wait to get your hands on a copy — and you should be eager to get your hands on a copy; it's an exemplary work — Bevis says "a limited number of pre-release copies are available now at Arundel Books' new location." So the only place in the world to buy Maged Zaher's new book right now is in Pioneer Square. Stop by, check out Arundel Books, and get a super-rare pre-pub edition.