John Williams at the New York Times writes:

Patti Hartigan, a former theater critic for the Boston Globe, has been signed to write the first major biography of August Wilson, the two-time Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and one of the most significant voices in 20th-century American literature. 37 INK, an imprint at Atria Books, plans to publish the book, tentatively titled “August Wilson: The Kiln in Which He Was Fired,” in late 2019.

Wilson's papers are here in Seattle, the city the playwright adopted late in his career. This is big news for our corner of the world, of course. Wilson is one of the best writers ever to make Seattle his home, and Dawn Davis, the book's editor, has been out to Seattle many times. Though Wilson's magnificent Pittsburgh Cycle obviously centered around a different American city, Seattle is an integral part of his personal story.