On their Facebook page, someone on the Phoenix Comics staff writes:

We wish we had better news to share this morning, but sadly we were the victim of a smash and grab robbery early this morning. Fortunately we have a glass company already working on it and the door should be fixed with no expected interruption to store hours or events today.

The store reported on Twitter that their door has already been fixed. But still: Boo. What kind of an asshole breaks into a comics shop? (Answer: one of the very bad kinds of assholes, not one of the sort of okay kinds of assholes, like Irish pirate queen Grace O'Malley or literally any role Benedict Cumberbatch has ever played.)

If you have a few extra dollars to spend this weekend, maybe drop by Phoenix and pick up a comic or a game. It's important at times like these to come together and make a statement that we do not tolerate this kind of awful bullshittery in our city.