I quit drinking almost ten years ago now, so guest-starring on an episode of Drunk Booksellers, in which booksellers get drunk and talk about books, presented a unique problem. The solution, however, was pretty simple, since the hosts and I all live in Washington state: get high! It was a special honor to appear on the first-ever pot-centric Drunk Booksellers episode.

The shownotes for the episode are fantastically detailed and contain links to every book we discussed. It was a really great conversation about bookselling, diversity, criticism, and what we're excited to read this spring. I hope you'll give it a listen.

And even if you don't want to hear my voice — and, really, who can blame you? — I highly recommend the Drunk Booksellers podcast and encourage you to subscribe. It is literally the only bookish podcast that I listen to, and I think you might like it, too.