Thanks to you, we're turning two

This week marks the anniversary of our first publication, two years ago. Can you believe it?

How lucky are we, being able to publish local original content, day after day. Publish nearly two hundred reviews, a huge parcel of poems, and enough daily columns to keep even the most fidgety Seattle reader eye-deep in words. We've had some triumphs, and some stumbles, but through it all one thing has remained constant: you.

It's because of you that we are able to sell sponsorships to the best crowd of advertisers the world has to offer. Everybody who wants to get the word out has a myriad of ways to do so. But our sponsors choose to share their work here; their new books, their best events, their opportunities for writers to gather and learn. Along the way, they directly pay for the great writing you see on this site.

Instead of running a call for sponsors this week, we just wanted to take an opportunity to thank our sponsors, and thank our readers. You're what makes this community great. Happy anniversary to us all.

(of course, we won't stop you from buying a sponsorship if you really want to ... We've nearly sold out our August-January block!)