Book News Roundup: United Airlines vs. Comic Con nerds

  • The host of the computer science book club at Ada's Technical Books has written a great Medium post about why you should start (or join) a computer science book club.

  • In what may be one of the greatest instances of architectural trollery in history, someone built a Parthenon out of banned books on the site where Nazis burned books in 1933.

  • This person thinks e-books are on the way to being a "dead format."

  • This person disagrees.

  • The next book from George R.R. Martin will arrive in 2018. Supposedly.

  • After San Diego Comic Con, United Airlines tried to ban comics in checked bags. It didn't go well.

“While TSA is recommending that customers keep their comic books in their carry-on bags, there are no restrictions on packing them in checked luggage,” reads the statement. “We misunderstood TSA’s instructions and regret any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.”