Conservative author clearly has no respect for booksellers

Just in case you weren't sure that convicted felon and self-described "disgraced" conservative attack dog Dinesh D'Souza is a horrible person, look no further than his tweet from Sunday:

Rather than be embarrassed about the subject matter of his new book, which tries to tie liberals to Nazism, D'Souza is trying to profit off of the Charlottesville neo-Nazi rally.

As if to demonstrate what a bad thinker he is, D'Souza covered the rest of a new arrival table with copies of his book in order to seem like a big deal. But he does a shit job of it — you can see the other books peeking out from underneath his — and you just know he didn't clean up after himself.

My favorite response to D'Souza's tweet comes from Seattle author Adam Rakunas:

If you take Rakunas up on his offer, please remember to clean up after yourself. Don't be a D'Souza. (And read Like a Boss, which is a wonderful book about labor unions in outer space.)