Jennifer Schuessler writes for the New York Times:

Leon Wieseltier, a prominent editor at The New Republic for three decades who was preparing to debut a magazine this fall, apologized on Tuesday for “offenses against some of my colleagues in the past” after several women accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate advances.

As those allegations came to light, Laurene Powell Jobs, a leading philanthropist whose for-profit organization, Emerson Collective, was backing Mr. Wieseltier’s endeavor, decided to pull the plug on it.

We'll likely be hearing a lot more about men behaving badly in the literary world in the near future. It's important that we don't make apologies for these men, or allow them to remain in positions of power. It's important that we let the world know that we don't approve of this kind of behavior. It's got to stop. The first step toward a more safe, more inclusive future: women need to be in more positions of power in the literary world, starting right now.