Go talk comics at Zanadu tonight

As I reported last month, Zanadu Comics, the second-oldest comics store in Seattle, is closing in January. Tonight, you'll have an opportunity to come start saying your goodbyes to the store. Zanadu employee Casey is hosting the final edition of Discussions from the Longtable, a comics conversation group, tonight at 6:30 pm. It promises to be an emotional time.

"Customers and employees would sit around the table and rant and rave about this or that while verging on sugar overdose from all the free candy...I love connecting with customers on another level and sharing not only our mutual joy of comics, but the energy that lies behind the covers," Casey writes in a Facebook post.

Casey concludes, "So be there TONIGHT at 6:30 for one more chance to eat lots of candy and rant and rave about comics!! Bring a friend!"