Applications for 2018 Mineral School residencies are open!

It's time! The application period for 2018 residencies at the Mineral School is open. You've only got until February 15, 2018, to put your name in the hat — and we recommend that you do. Mineral School is impossibly cool, a reformed elementary school in a quirky small town near Mt. Rainier. It attracts great writers and artists, some of whom we're proud to have published on the Seattle Review of Books (like Clare Johnson and Kelly Froh). And it's two weeks of focused time to work, let your brain re-shape to the mountain and the lake, and be fed by someone who knows their way around a kitchen.

We're delighted to have Mineral School back as a sponsor, though jealous, as always, of the people who'll actually take those residency slots. Check out our sponsorship page for details on the 2018 program, and get a sneak peek at what what Mineral School alumni are publishing next year.

Sponsors like the Mineral School make the Seattle Review of Books possible. Did you know you could sponsor us, as well? If you have a book, event, or opportunity you’d like to get in front of our readers, reserve your dates now.

Shown in photo: Nicole Hardy, Urban Waite, Gretchen Schrafft, Emily May, Gabrielle Bates.