New Saturday Column

Later this morning we'll be debuting a new Saturday column called Whatcha Reading? We ask a notable and interesting figure to answer three questions:

  1. What are you reading now?
  2. What did you read last?
  3. What are you reading next?

Some will answer succinctly, and others will go on into greater detail. Everybody likes knowing what other people are reading. It's one of the most charming parts of seeing visiting authors: hearing about the books they are currently in love with.

It also suits a need on the Seattle Review of Books, where we often talk about authors and books, but don't have a running series of recommendations. Just touching base with people every week can do just that. If you think of somebody who would be great for this, drop us a line at

It's a tradition here that we start a new Saturday column each year. For the first six months after launching we ran Rahawa Haile's Short Story of the Day of the Previous Week roundup, which re-posted the tweets Rahawa was posting on Twitter each day. In 2016 we invested $20 each week in crowdfunding with the Kickstarter Fund Project. Of course, for the past year, we've run Seattle Writing Prompts.

Our new column marks the end of weekly writing prompts, but not the end of the series. They'll be back as an irregular feature when the occasion hits. In the meantime, if you're lacking for inspiration (and you find them inspirational), you'll find over fifty of them in the archive.

As always, we love hearing your thoughts. Reach out to us via the email above, on Twitter, or Facebook.