Book News Roundup: Opportunities available for poets, cartoonists, sci-fi writers, and more

  • Paul Tumey at the Comics Journal wrote a lovely, detailed remembrance of Seattle cartoonist Mark Campos, who passed away in January. Campos was an incredibly supportive cartoonist, reader, and friend. I can't quite bring myself to accept that I won't bump into him at the next Short Run. He was devoted to cartooning, and to Seattle, and to all his many friends. I'll miss Mark very much, and Tumey's piece is a good and fitting tribute to his life.

  • If you're a woman who makes comics, you should definitely apply for Short Run's five-day Trailer Blaze residency. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity, and I've talked with several women who have loved the experience.

Residents will stay in their own full-sized, refurbished Airstream trailer or a spacious Lodge room. Both have a bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and sitting room with desk or table. Residents are responsible for their own breakfast, lunch, and snacks, but each evening all residents will convene for a group dinner.
Each year, the WORLDBUILDER SCHOLARSHIP will cover tuition, fees, and lodging for one Clarion West student who demonstrates both financial need and a talent for worldbuilding and the creation of secondary universes. The scholarship will be conferred via blind judging, and will not be limited by age, race, sex, religion, skin color, place of origin, or field of study.
Letsinger, with a small staff of employees, aims to position the shop as a community space, hosting events such as poetry readings, book clubs, art shows, and Dungeons & Dragons meetups. They’ve set up tables and afghan-swaddled chairs to encourage guests to linger in the cozy subterranean grotto.
  • KING 5 posted a video tribute to Zanadu Comics, which closed last week after more than four decades in operation. Consider this your reminder to please support Golden Age Collectables in the Pike Place Market, which is the last comic book store left downtown and may be the oldest comic book store in America.