Citing decreasing retail book sales, rising rents, and other increased expenditures, Greenwood community bookshop Couth Buzzard Books launched a GoFundMe campaign this morning. The campaign aims to raise $9,500 dollars through the sale of a number of rewards, including locally produced art, music, and books. Additionally, funders who provide up to $100 in support will receive an equal amount in store credit to spend on books at the shop.

From the page:

We are confident in and excited about our future because of our broader, community focus. More importantly, we believe in the diverse communities who continue to keep The Buzzard flourishing: thank you for helping to create what makes Couth Buzzard so special to us and to others. For many, our store is a second home, and we want to keep our space open to all, our events no- or low-cost, for many more years to come. To achieve this, we are asking for your financial support in order to continue serving this community.

Give if you can. We'll be talking with Couth Buzzard owner Theo Dzielak in the coming days about the campaign and his plans for the Buzzard's future.