Read all about the new Hugo House

Lora Shinn at Poets & Writers offers up the most enticing description of the new Hugo House space that I've encountered:

The interior of the building will be full of surprises and unconventional design elements. Each classroom will be constructed of different materials, including wood plank, cork, and frosted glass, with dry-erase walls for impromptu class notes. The house will also feature “staircases to nowhere” and benches that double as bookcases. A “pencil wall” in one classroom will hold hundreds of pencils. Curated quotes from Richard Hugo will be hidden around the building: near electrical outlets, at the edge of a restroom mirror, or in peekaboo windows. “You might find a quote on the ceiling,” Mullenix says, “and it will hopefully encourage people to come back.”

I can't wait to see some of these touches in person. Those who were complaining about Hugo House becoming a generic new building might wind up eating their words. If you'd like to help make this space into a reality, you can donate to the Hugo House online.