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Have you noticed how great our sponsors have been in the first stretch of this year?

Each week those sponsors not only pay for the reviews, news, and columns we run, but they do it by putting something amazing under our readers' eyes: good content. Be it a great piece of writing, a residency or retreat to help you refine your craft, or a stellar book-related event happening in our fair city, you always know the sponsorships you read here are not just nameless corporations shilling advertising in million dollar increments — they're local writers, publishers, and organizers who make our literary culture run. One sale from you is important to them: one book bought, one ticket sold, one application submitted.

And because we have the luxury of knowing that you reading this loves books (why else would you be here?) we don't have to use creepy tracking to know how to advertise to you. It's honest and fair, and it works for both our readers and our advertisers.

That's why we wanted to take a moment to thank them here, for their investment in the site, and their trust of you as a great receptive audience.

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University of Washington Libraries and Northwest Associated Arts, who brought great events to the attention of our readers.

Mineral School, who spread the word about their amazing, one-of-a-kind residency program, and of course this week's sponsor, the fabulous Chuckanut Writers Conference.

Poetry Northwest, who featured their Winter & Spring issue and shared a broadside by Myrna Keliher of Expedition Press (who you might've read about here not too long ago).

And all of the authors and publishers who told us about their books and then gave us permission to share a chapter, an essay, or a few artful pages on the site:

Thanks again to all of our sponsors — we're honored and grateful to have had you on the site.