Shipwrecks, sailboats, and stories of the sea

Who hasn't dreamed of setting out to sea? The romance, the danger, the open waves? Our sponsor this week is Wendy Hinman, who dreamed about it, then did it. Hinman spent seven years on the Pacific Ocean, sharing a tiny sailboat with her husband, Garth. And Garth was the perfect companion: more than two decades earlier, he and his sister and parents survived shipwreck (and each other) to circumnavigate the globe. Hinman's award-winning books, Tightwads on the Loose and Sea Trials, document both adventures with honesty, humor, and spirit.

Both books are a blast to read, and this week you can hear Hinman tell those stories in person. She's at Third Place Books in Seward Park on June 7, and at King's Books in Tacoma on June 9. By all accounts, she's a fabulous storyteller. Don't miss the chance to hear her. Before you go, check out the sample (and more information about Hinman's books) on our sponsor page.

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