Cookout at Queen Anne Book Company? Sign us up!

On August 16, you can indulge your passion for books AND your passion for food cooked over a smoky grill at a single awesome venue (no, it's not your couch) — Queen Anne Book Company — thanks to Seattle7Writers and their community cookouts.

Seattle7Writers is a tireless and creative supporter of the literary arts in this community. Each year they host dozens of readings and book events, as well as the Write Here, Write Now writing intensive, which is one of our city’s best come-one-come-all opportunities to put pen to page. And they work constantly behind the scenes, channelling donations to nonprofits working to improve literacy and creating opportunities for writers and readers to connect in person.

So bringing a group of local authors to a favorite independent bookseller, to cook up hot dogs (carnivore and vegetarian) and talk to the readers and writers who stop by, is just up their alley. And 20% of all book sales during the free event go directly to Literacy Source. That's an evening out.

Check out a full list of authors attending and other fine print on our sponsor’s page — and put this event on your calendar.

Sponsors like Seattle7Writers not only keep our readers in the know about upcoming events of interest — they support the great writing about books that you see here every day. Got an event, a book, or a residency you'd like to promote? Our 2018 sponsorships are almost sold out, but never say never! Move fast, and you can reserve a slot before they’re gone.