Mark Ebner's Daily Beast interview with Stan Lee is heartbreaking.

Stan, you’re 95?

STAN: 95.

You’re going to outlive all of us in this room.

STAN: I hope not. I have no desire to.

When I was younger, I disliked Stan Lee. It was fashionable to dislike Stan Lee. And it was morally correct, too — all the artists who worked for Marvel Comics at the beginning were basically screwed out of a lot of money and glory and stability, and some of that is Stan Lee's fault and some of it is general corporate malfeasance. This is a debate that will continue for as long as the Marvel Comics characters continue to dominate the culture. But it's clear to me that nobody deserves to live out their days in the way that Stan Lee has. He's suffered a great deal, and I hope he can find some happiness.