Book News Roundup: Men are the worst

  • Artist Trust is looking for a new Program Manager, which the company describes as "responsible for the development and implementation of Artist Trust’s grants, workshops, events, and resources, scaling program delivery to serve artists efficiently and maximize reach." If you like giving money to artists, maybe you should apply before November 5th?

  • One of America's very finest writing organizations, PEN America, has sued Donald Trump. John McMurtrie at Date Book writes:

PEN America, the nonprofit organization of writers and literary professionals, has sued the president for what it says an abuse of his powers “to retaliate against journalists and media outlets he finds objectionable” — in violation of the First Amendment.
Stephen’s decision to go after Moira is hostile and reprehensible. For me, it is unforgivable. He has aligned himself with a lawyer who stands with and for rapists, and is suing a woman who did nothing more than try to keep other women safe. Stephen’s desire to remain in the spotlight, to refuse to have his career wrested from him as a consequence of his own actions, has taken primacy over logic and sanity.