Book News Roundup: Meet Skull-Face Bookseller Honda

  • Zee Brewer, a transgender and nonbinary individual, has filed a complaint against Portland independent bookseller Powell's for discriminatory behavior. Aaron Mesh at Willamette Week writes:

Brewer's frustration started not long after they began working at Powell's and Brewer learned that neither of Powell's corporate office restrooms was gender neutral. (The corporate office is located across the street from the famed City of Books that takes up a square block in the Pearl District.)

That meant whenever Brewer had to use the restroom, they had to walk across the street to the bookstore, up three flights of stairs, to the public gender-neutral restroom there. The break time allotted for this journey: 10 minutes.

For the week of November 5 to 11, 2018, booksellers around the world will remove their inventory from Abebooks, an Amazon company, in a show of support for their brethren in South Korea, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Russia who were told they can no longer sell on their platform.
  • Polygon introduced me to Skull-Face Bookseller Honda, a new anime that speaks directly to my interests. Please be advised that there is a very brief flash of NSFW material in this video. But please watch it anyway. Whoever made this video clearly has a ton of bookseller experience.