Literary Event of the Week: Winter Break Reading Oasis

Look: there's not a lot going on this week. Christmas week is always pretty dead, reading-wise. And you probably can't do a reading right now anyway; the holidays are stressful, and schmoozing before and after an event is just one more thing to add to a busy holiday schedule.

So this Friday, why not take the time to be quiet and enjoy reading for reading's sake? This is "an all-ages low-key afternoon of reading while we transform the library meeting room into a cozy escape full of tents and pillows."

If you're interested, you can talk about books with librarians. There might be snacks and "warm drinks." But all you need to know is this: blanket forts and quiet time to read. What else are you looking for this week, really?

Seattle Public Library, Northgate Branch, 10548 Fifth Ave NE, 206-386-1980,, 2 pm, free.