6 ways to use a spoon

First, to dig a ditch
                                          the shape of a body
                        shallower and closer to home,
scrape off flaky lead
                              paint or dead skin
                                                                           blistered dry by sun. Second,
                        to play a trick or spoons or pull
with your teeth — bend with your mind to make
                     a spectacle.
                                                         You’re a spectacular jubilee.
                                      it’s a mirror holding your face that ends
                  up where the light curves
                                                                                                                      where you end
                                                                                                                      and the up ends.
                                      Comeuppance upends
                                                                            in an up-
                                      stairs away from the noise of the kids.
You barely recognize your self-
                                                                                                              portrait in a convex curl.
                                                   to pool light in,
                                                   to sip lightly from,
                                                   to be a way toward light —
                     a conduit connecting cut lamp wire. Fourth,
                  to scoop the eye jelly of a Cyclops
                                          from between your foot and sandal or
            scratch off the sap-turned-tar of a burnt log
                               driven into the oculus of some Polyphemus,
                                                            which either means much
                                                            renowned or many
                                                            reputations or
                                          a straight-A student cutting
        sophomore English again
like here we go digging again —
                a hole
                     the size of a larger body
                                                                                                                      this time.
                                      Isn’t that the way it goes? Fifth, to steer
                                                                                                              a mouse afloat,
                a rudder or oar for a mouse-sized boat.
                                I’ll say hat,
        and you’ll say
                                we’re playing again.
            Sixth, I’ll say poem,
and you’ll say
                we’re playing again.
I’ll say this spoon is an or.
                                                No, or.
                                                            I think you mean and.
                    I think I mean and
                                                            I’m startled that I do
                                                            at all —