Literary Event of the Week: PageBoy Party

PageBoy Magazine has long been one of Seattle's most discerning literary magazines. No magazine is perfect, of course, but PageBoy has as close to a perfect record as I've seen, which is to say every contribution is edited well, written well, and curated well.

This Thursday, PageBoy is having a party to celebrate its tenth issue with a shit-ton of readers (that's 40 readers, if you don't have a shit-ton-to-metric table handy to do the converting for you) in a celebration of poetry.

For this issue, PageBoy has created a new form of poetry called a Seventeen. They describe it as follows: “a poem or piece of writing consisting of no more and no less than seventeen words.”

The list of readers onhand to read their Seventeens looks like a who's who of Seattle poetry: Laura Allen, Amanda Baker-Patterson, Steven Barker, Greg Bem, Matt Briggs, Jennifer Burdette, Bill Carty, Justine Chan, George Ciardi, Mallory Clarke, Lynne Ellis, David Fewster, Rebecca Hoogs, Jason Kirk, Nadine Maestas, Melanie Masson, Rachel Nelson, Jeremy Springsteed, Joel Savishinksky, Paul Sheprow, and Jason Whitmarsh. Additionally, musicians Nat Evans, Ivory Smith, and William Bernhard, filmmaker Amy Billharz, and comic writer Bettina McKelvey will interpret Seventeens in their own mediums.

In a week where a lot of local readings venues are still sleeping off the New Year, this event — in which writers come together to try their hand at a new constraint — seems like the best possible way to kick off 2019.

Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue, 322-7030,, 7 pm, free.