Seattle's umamiest event

Northwest Associated Arts is a regular sponsor here at The Seattle Review of Books. We're grateful — not just because they're a loyal supporter of our great columnists and writers, but because they make sure you're in the loop for some of Seattle's best events.

They're hosting two fabulous nights coming up soon: Samin Nosrat on March 10 and Anne Lamott on April 7. We don't have to encourage you to see Anne Lamott; this is a writing and reading town, so we just encourage you to get tickets fast, before they're gone.

And we don't have to encourage you to see Samin Nosrat, either. Her new book, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, is the talk of the Top Chef circuit; if you love celebrity chefs, don't miss this. And if you just love food — or how simplicity can transform into greatness — you also belong at this event. Nosrat is a student of Chez Panisse Robert Hass, and Michael Pollan. That combination sounds magic to us. Find out more on our sponsor feature page, then reserve your seats.

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