Angel of the Wind

O angel of the wind angel of the inferno
O angel of the vortex
O angel like a dahlia drooping in the heat
O crescent moon the color of copper of cantaloupe
O angel of the smoke that arrives
from Chelan and Wenatchee
from Cashmere and the Okanogan

O the 577 fires of British Columbia
including the one at Tugwell Creek
threatening five million bees
including the 86,000-hectare Shovel Fire
including the words human-caused

O angel of Seattle dirtiest air on the planet
dirtier than Dubai than Agra than Abu Dhabi
O dirty air the scales differ on how dirty
O dirty like a brick factory like a tannery
O dirty angel with your 217 AQI wings
O helicopters and tankers

O ferocious king of the 85 flame-licking legions
O Furcas like a cruel man with a long beard
O Raum like the crow of close your windows
O Procel who speaks of hidden and secret things
such as just how bad is the air today — was it 7 cigarettes
or 17?

O don’t breathe
O make sure your air conditioner has a filter
O adversarial AC angel
O evil angel guiding children
at the crosswalk in their N95 masks

O nimbus nostalgia
O cobalt and azure
O gust please not from Hamma Hamma
O angel I can’t see downtown
O angel I cannot calculate

O Vassago of the aching throat
O Wormwood blood in the snot
O Solas sneeze and cough
O Dantainian dizzy and out of sorts

O sooty Ronobe searching for children to kill
O Shax O Gaap O Gadreel
O small particulates of which no level is safe