When Short Run closes a door, Short Run opens a window.

Last week, Short Run announced the new recipients of their Trailer Blaze residency, which places women cartoonists in the Sou'wester Lodge and Trailer Park in Seaview for an intensive residency and community art experience. This year's new artists are:

Lori Damiano (Portland), Leela Corman (Gainesville), Graciela Sarabia (Pittsburgh), Amy Camber (Seattle), Ashley Franklin (Austin), Kacy McKinney (Portland), Alejandra Espino (Mexico City)

Are you sad that you missed out on this year's Trailer Blaze? If so, then you should probably apply for Short Run's Dash Grant program, which provides $250, community support, a free table at this year's Short Run Festival, and a spotlight on your work. Don't be sad about the opportunities you missed; plan for the opportunities you still have a chance to grab.