Book News Roundup: Save the date for Independent Bookstore Day: Saturday, April 27th

  • At Crosscut, Nikkita Oliver wrote about why Seattle should work to save LEMS Life Enrichment Bookstore in Columbia City:
After recently sharing the LEMS GoFundMe page on Facebook, someone asked me why invest in a business that is failing? Because LEMS is more than a business. Because LEMS isn’t just business as usual. Because this is about community, culture and thriving local Black businesses in Seattle. Because if this were a community center or a park in the traditional sense, we would rally together to save it. Because this is a center for Black community in Seattle.
  • Just a reminder to plan ahead: Seattle Independent Bookstore Day is Saturday, April 27th this year. Start saving your money and planning your route. Free Comic Book Day is one week later, on Saturday, May 4th.

  • Editor Arthur A. Levine, who is credited as the editor who shepherded Harry Potter to American audiences, has left his position at Scholastic and is launching his own independent publisher. This is great news for the publishing industry: we need more presses that are commercially viable but not a part of the Big Three or Four or Five or However Many There Are This Week.