Get tickets now for the 14th annual Libraries Unbound!

Thank you, Friends of the University of Washington Libraries, for sponsoring us this week.

The world's best book city deserves a great university library — and Friends of the UW Libraries helps the University of Washington continue to hit that mark. We're graced with a university library system that stretches over four cities and houses millions of books.

Friends of the Libraries helps make sure our college libraries are thriving and relevant, not just museums for books. The annual fundraising dinner is your chance to be part of it. Scheduled for May 2, 2019, Libraries Unbound is keynoted this year by Amy Tan and emceed by Mona Lee Locke. As in past years, every single table at the event is hosted by a local literary light. Check out the full list on our sponsor feature page, then grab your ticket before the event sells out.

You're part of the best book city in the world, and we want everyone to know who you are. Grab one of the last sponsorship slots left this spring and put your book, event, retreat, or class in front of our readers. We'd love to see you in this space.