Aggrieved identity politics snowflakes offended by milkshakes, calls for basic human decency

Heather Antos is a comic book editor who was targeted by creeps in an online smear campaign because she posted a selfie of herself and other female Marvel employees drinking milkshakes. Seriously, that's all there is to that story: Antos spent months absorbing hate because she is a woman who works in the comics industry.

Yesterday, Antos — who now works at Valiant Comics — tweeted "PRO TIP: Industries are small. People talk. Don't be a dick." Pretty innocuous, obviously, but it was enough to convince the conservative comics chud to climb out of their sewers and take great offense:

Social media obviously amplifies the worst of us. It encourages white male victimhood and it makes it way too easy to lash out anonymously. There's a whole subculture of conservative Trump fans in comics who are convinced that they are the mainstream, even as they self-publish themselves into oblivion.

But, c'mon: if you take offense at someone saying "don't be a dick," folks, the odds are about 100 percent that you're being a huge dick. This is just basic arithmetic.