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Little birds that can sing and won’t sing should be made to sing.
                  Abroad one has a hundred eyes.          At home not one.

There is a witness everywhere.
                              Keep your purse              and your mouth              close.

Words and feathers the wind carries away.
                  What cannot be cured must be endured.

One must howl with the wolves.
                              When the heart is full                      the tongue will speak.

Little birds that can sing and won’t sing should be at home
                  Little birds that can sing and your mouth close.

Keep your purse and a witness close.
                              Keep your words and feathers and your mouth be endured.

Keep birds abroad and feathers at home.
                  At home                      not one feather will sing.

At home            the wind has a hundred eyes.
                              There is a witness abroad                      the wind at home.

Keep your wolves and your cannot close.
                  Wolves should howl                      must be made to sing feathers.

Should your feathers close                           the wolves will speak.
                              Little wolves that can speak witness everywhere.

Little wolves that can bird and won’t bird should be made to bird.
                  Little birds that can sing should be made               wolves.

Little birds that can howl the wind carries away.
                              Words and birds the wind can sing.

Words and birds and your mouth close.
                  One must close when the heart is full.

One cannot sing with a mouth close.
                  One must howl                      one must sing.

Keep your must and be made to should.
                              Keep your must                      the heart will speak.

Abroad one has a hundred eyes                    at home words and feathers.
                  Abroad one has a hundred eyes                   words cannot be cured.

One cannot speak with a mouth full of feathers.
                                              One cannot speak with a mouth that can sing.

Feathers cannot be made to sing.
                                                                  Feathers cannot tongue the heart.

Keep your heart and your eyes close.
                                              Keep your words and your witness everywhere.

Little birds that can sing the wind carries away.
                  What cannot be feathers should sing and must howl.

What cannot be feathers must be little wolves.
                              Words and feathers must be endured.

Little won’t has a hundred words and should be made to must.
                  Won’t sing a hundred words                      and should not one.

Won’t is a witness everywhere.
                              Won’t cannot howl with the wolves.

Keep your won’t and your should close.
                                                            When the heart won’t the tongue and purse will.

When the heart won’t the words and feathers should.
                  Won’t is at home                 abroad one is made to.

Won’t your mouth close and your wolves full.
                              There is a full mouth everywhere.

Won’t                      speak                      of little                       wolves.
                  Little birds that can witness and won’t witness should be made to witness.

There is a full purse                      and a tongue is your witness.
                              Words and feathers tongue the witness.

Keep your tongue and your mouth has a hundred eyes.
                  Keep your hundred eyes with the wolves                      and howl.

Wolves and feathers the wind carries away.
                              Witness your everywhere and keep wolves close.

Keep your mouth full of little birds.
                  Little birds                      when the heart is full will speak.

When the howl is full                      the mouth will close.
                              When the mouth is close no howl carries.