Whatcha Reading, Twitter?

Every week we ask an interesting figure what they're digging into. Have ideas who we should reach out to? Let it fly: info@seattlereviewofbooks.com. Want to read more? Check out the archives.

A few weeks ago I asked Twitter to take part in this column. I wanted to throw my favorite three questions to the world and see who responded. Would the answers be different than the (mostly) published writers I normally have in this space? The variety of what you all are reading is really wonderful, and reflected what we always imagine to be the bookshelf of the average SRoB reader. From novels to non-fiction, from environmental to education, from science-fiction to thrillers to YA — nice to see a little of everything here mixed on the collective shelf. Thank you so much to everybody who took part!

What are you reading now?

What did you read last?

What are you reading next?