Your new favorite blog is by Nicole Dieker

Nicole Dieker has sponsored us before (thank you, thank you, Nicole!), but this is the first time we've turned in her sponsorship copy late. What held us up? She's here to promote her blog, and she sent so many juicy links that we fell down the rabbithole and barely made it back for dinner.

Dieker is the most approachable intimidating person we've ever met. She's a novelist, a freelance writer, a teacher and a speaker. And an editor! Writing about Nicole, you could easily run out of commas (yeah, it happens).

Dieker knows the creative life and what it takes to make money living one, and she's sharing what she's learned through daily posts that are funny, smart, open, and completely without pretension. If you write, edit, teach, or speak for a living — or want to — her blog is exactly the companion you need for the journey. AND she's taking pitches. Hop over to our sponsor feature page for a sample post on the WORK vs. the LIFE, then put her in your RSS feed.

The first half of the year is almost over, and we have just a few sponsorship slots left! Our readers want to be your readers too. Drop us a note so we can hold your spot before the last few slots are gone.