Whatcha Reading, Arthur Wyatt?

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Arthur Wyatt is a British-born, Seattle-based, writer and computer developer. He's written extensively for 2000 AD, home to Judge Dredd. He wrote about his experiences growing up reading, and then writing, for Dredd, a few years ago for us.

What are you reading now?

In print: Tiamats Wrath, the latest Expanse books. These books totally show their RPG campaign origins by including just about every modern SF trope imaginable, usually in a Hard SF/cyberpunk in space flavor that I like, and this one expands things out with some full on space empire nonsense that I am here for.

Also listening to The Hunger Games, because I’m working on some YA projects and you should learn from the best - plus the kiddo had it as nighttime listening so I could swipe it from her.

What did you read last?

Live Work Work Work Die - basically one guy’s findings from working in tech in hyper-capitalist San Francisco, which somehow manages to be more extreme than working in tech in hyper-capitalist Seattle.

What are you reading next?

The Founder - a different kind of tech capitalism, this time the story of the guy who went from making drive encryption software to being a tech worker to running online pharmacies to bring an international crimelord who eventually got caught setting up multiple assassinations. So good research material for something cyberpunkish, I’m sure, though hard to one up in fiction.