Book News Roundup: Bad weekend for Seattle media

  • Seattle Times reporter Mike Rosenberg was accused over the weekend of sexually harassing a young reporter named Talia Jane on Twitter. Jane claimed that Rosenberg took on a mentor/advisory role in her direct messages and then made several wildly inappropriate comments. She backed up her claims with screenshots of the conversation, and they're fucking horrifying. Rosenberg told Crosscut's Lilly Fowler that the messages weren't intended for Jane. Jane, meanwhile, is having none of it.
  • Jane has demonstrated an indomitable spirit throughout this whole situation, but the fact remains that she shouldn't have to be indomitable at all. If you're a man who works in media, you should have enough wherewithal to understand that you have power over young reporters who come to you for advice and guidance. This kind of behavior is unacceptable. Full stop.

  • Speaking of power and the media: over the weekend at the Crosscut Festival, former Stranger reporter (and, full disclosure, my former coworker) Sydney Brownstone told the full story of what happened when she tried to write a story accusing Seattle restaurant mogul Dave Meinert of sexual misconduct. Brownstone didn't feel as though she could publish the report at The Stranger:

  • Brownstone eventually published the Meinert piece (and a followup report with more accusations) after finding a new job at KUOW.

  • The moral of this story: We need more and better media in Seattle, and we need fewer men in power at those organizations.