I Who Have Satin


I, I who have nothing
Never reaching the end
I, I who have no one
Never meaning to send

Adore you and want you so
With these eyes before
With nothing to give you but oh
I can’t say any more

Beauty I’ve always missed
He, he brings you diamonds
Just what the truth is
Bright, sparkling diamonds

But believe me, dear when I say
What I’m going through
He’ll never love you the way
They can’t understand

He can take you any place he wants
They cannot defend
Fancy clubs and restaurants
Must be in the end
Pressed up against the window pane

Nights in bright diamonds
I, I who have satin
Never reaching no one
I, I who have beauty

Must watch you go dancing by
With these eyes before
I can’t say any more
When darling it’s I who loves you