Thursday Comics Hangover: "Augie Pagan" is a pretty great name

  • This Saturday night, the Fantagraphics Bookstore and Gallery is hosting an opening night exhibition of Augie Pagan's art. Pagan makes beautiful and unsettling pop-culture mashups that make you feel slightly uncomfortable but very entertained. Take a look.

  • The shitty comics hate group known as Comicsgate is trying to ban their detractors as transphobic. Fuck Comicsgate.

  • Actually, one more thing about those guys: a big Comicsgate talking point is that liberals have taken over the comics industry in a wide-ranging conspiracy to drag down comics sales and destroy the industry while promoting their progressive agenda all the while. There are many problems with this "theory," but perhaps the most glaring flaw is that if liberals are trying to destroy the comics industry, they're failing pretty badly:

    Comics and graphic novels bounced back from 2017’s sales slump to have their best year ever in 2018...Combined sales in all channels were $1.095 billion, up $80 million from 2017 and a tad up from 2016’s $1.085B.
  • Here's a very good profile of Love and Rockets cartoonist Jaime Hernandez.