Join us on June 5th to discuss the Mueller Report

According to CNN polling, only three percent of Americans have read the entirety of the Mueller Report, while 18 percent claimed to have read "some" or "a little" of it. That means more than three-quarters of all Americans have not read any of the Mueller Report.

Not every American should read the Mueller Report, of course, but it would be nice if we could get those numbers up a little bit higher. It's important to understand and to share actual information, rather than just a series of rage-baiting headlines. The more people who can understand the breadth and the depth of the Mueller investigation, the better public discourse will be.

With that in mind, on June 5th the Reading Through It Book Club will be discussing The Washington Post's edition of The Mueller Report at Third Place Books Seward Park. We'll be meeting at 7 pm, per usual, and there's no pre-registration. The book is on sale for 20 percent off right now at Third Place, but no purchase is necessary to attend.

This is an important opportunity to talk about what's in the Report, what's not in the Report, and what it all means for the next year and a half in American politics. It's okay if you don't read or understand the whole report before the 5th; we fully expect to be working through the book together, and that means making room for all the things we don't know.

The Reading Through It Book Club has been a pretty special experience for me. It's a space that allows people to wrestle with big ideas of what it means to be an American after Trump's election. With the Mueller Report, we have a chance to stare directly at the presidency, to see what the record says, and to understand what we know. If you're curious about the Mueller Report, this is your chance to do so in a room full of supportive people with the same goals. I hope to see you there.