Data Entry

Sometimes I read the whole
                medical record when I only need part
The whole record is only a piece of the story
                which is more than
I need to know about a man
                who insists he only kills
People who come back to life
                in ten minutes
In his unwell mind he’s careful to stab
                only police officers
Because they return as hoards
                in blue or khaki uniform
I know this man’s ten minutes means eternity
                to an officer of the law
It means forever to any family
                of the killed or the killer
I once watched dew evaporate
                from wings disguised as leaves
For ten immortal minutes
                (my first Praying Mantas)
I find the bits of the record I need
                to populate required data fields
The final hour of my work day
Feels like a boundless green lawn
                needs another mow