We expect a lot from this year's Hugo House Fellows

Earlier today, we checked in with author Anca Szilagyi, who was in the first class of Hugo House's Made at Hugo Fellowship. This week, Hugo House announced the 2019-2020 class of Hugo Fellows: Joyce Chen, Shelby Handler, Piper Lane, Sasha LaPointe, Abi Pollokoff, and Jen Soriano. The writers are working on pieces including a book of essays, memoirs, novels, and poetics. With the help of established authors like Hugo House writers-in-residence Laura Da’ and Kristen Millares Young, these writers will form a peer group to refine and edit their projects, and they'll eventually present the work in a series of showcases. They'll also receive nuts-and-bolts advice on how to become an author — everything from business advice to networking tips to Hugo House's many educational programs. We look forward to their upcoming work; they're walking in the footsteps of some very impressive authors.