Be a sponsor, not a targeter

Sponsor the Seattle Review of Books for as little as $100 before we release our Fall & Winter slate and prices go up!

Aren’t you tired of being “targeted”? Sure, there’s the active meaning of the word, which means to “aim or direct at something”, but in general this word is all about opposition. Targeting is what you do with weapons, not with people you want to like your stuff enough to buy it.

Sponsorship is our way around this. Sponsors are partners that capture the attention of the best book loving city in the world. Sponsors bring their message to people who aren’t needle-in-a-haystack, but the very reason for the website to exist in the first place.

Sponsors support, targeters take aim. Which would you rather be? We have a few great deals on sponsoring the Seattle Review of Books before we release our Fall & Winter slate really soon. Grab those last dates before their gone, and take the targets off the backs of your buyers, and replace them with a hand-embroidered patch that reads “I supported local artists, writers, and poets.” What could be better than that?