Next week: Buy some comics, help the Friends of the Library

UPDATE 12:30pm: This afternoon, the Seattle Public Library issued a cryptic press release canceling the comic book sale. In its entirety, it reads: “Due to unforeseen circumstances, The Friends of The Seattle Public Library Comic Book Sale on Saturday, July 13 has been canceled.” If I hear more, I’ll get back to you.

While we're on the topic of library fundraisers, did you know that next Saturday, July 13th, the Friends of the Seattle Public Library are hosting their first-ever comic book sale? For one to ten bucks each, the Friends are selling comics "from the early 80’s to the present, and also books from the 1970’s! Marvel, DC, and most independent companies (Image, Dark Horse, Eclipse, Pacific, etc.) are represented." Think of it as a comic book convention without all the panels and cosplay and merchandise to distract you. I'll be there. Will you?