June 2019's Post-it note art from Instagram

Over on our Instagram page, we’re posting a weekly installation from Clare Johnson’s Post-it Note Project, a long running daily project. Here’s her wrap-up and statement from June's posts.

June's Theme: Support

These post-its were chosen by my sister—the sister who chose in January, unknowingly kicking off what would turn out to be my year of Triumphantly Making Someone Else Tell Me What To Publish. Back then, she had serious trouble narrowing her choices. There was a strong pull toward post-its about my divorce (sisterly mysteries), but post-its featuring herself also possessed an equal, very powerful intrigue (less mysterious; I’m sure we can all relate). Ever the problem-solver (in spirit, at least), I allocated those extras for June, her birthday month. The first post-it feels self-explanatory, but maybe other grown-up siblings actually don’t tuck each other into bed? I don’t know how you are with your sisters, but when we miraculously find ourselves in the same house at bedtime, I often tuck my sisters in. I have a special style that nods to classic tucking-in gestures while also being entirely my own. Furthermore, it’s adaptable; part of the fun is coming up with new and surprising riffs on the classic version. We all enjoy a measure of low-stakes creative challenge added to our daily routine, no? This is one where I really shine. It’s my natural aptitude for death anxiety conspiring with my last-one-to-bed insomniac vigilance, inextricably entangled in silly, sweet ritual because I am also gentle and goofy and a firm believer that we give up lots of lovely childhood norms for absolutely NO GOOD REASON. While other family members dabble in this game, I am indisputably its master and originator. My sisters wouldn’t remember, but I first did this as a kid for my grandparents, who found it more amusing than I expected. (Why did kid me go to bed later than the adults taking care of us??) On family trips my sister’s partner now finds himself in the crosshairs of our ritual ridiculousness. He inspires a straightforward, calmer approach; my sister, as you can see in the drawing, needs a bit more attention. She is an ACTOR, and you should cast her in everything good because she’s delightful and careers in the arts are TRICKY. Mostly I just know the world would be more fun if everybody got to see her work more. If you can’t cast her in your movie, feel free to buy some of my art instead—eventually we’re going to drag each other upwards, whoever gets a leg up first. Then everybody will be like, oh, did you know that actor and that writer/artist are related? THEY’RE ACTUALLY SISTERS, IT’S CRAZY. When we ascend to the appropriate fame sphere we will also bring her boyfriend, who makes lovely music—even at shows when that asshole tambourine player from the other band insists on being a disrespectful loud jerk throughout his whole lovely set. Movies and music are my favorite, but thank goodness I make art and writing myself—who wants to audition for directors or deal with tambourine-wielding “listeners”. The last post-it is a direct quote from a phone call with my sister, in anticipation of her yearly trip home for the holidays. I don’t remember if her plan worked, but I was 100% in support.