Literary Event of the Week: Seattle Walk Report at the Seattle Public Library

I don't mean to brag, but...okay, I totally mean to brag: The Seattle Review of Books published the very first interview with Seattle-based cartoonist Seattle Walk Report about two years ago. Even then, and even hidden behind the name of the strip as a pseudonym, she was very clear about her origins.

"I was born and raised in Seattle, and I’ve never lived anywhere else — even for a second," Seattle Walk Report told me. She'd never had a driver's license, but walking "was not something I found much joy in until very recently."

Suddenly, in 2017, "the pure joy of long, winding, destinationless walks really hit me," she said. "I would wake up on a day off, and I would leave with no destination. And sometimes nine, ten hours later, I would come back, and that was just how I spent my day." She said that "walking really made me reconnect with Seattle, and reconnecting with Seattle made me walk."

Seattle Walk Report's Instagram feed is a total delight — one of the only things that keeps me coming back to the Facebook-owned service on a regular basis. Her cartoons are funny and interesting to look at and full of surprises. She squeezes more delight into a few square inches than just about any cartoonist I can think of.

Tomorrow night, Seattle Walk Report is launching a book full of all-new material from Seattle-based Sasquatch Books at the downtown branch of the Seattle Public Library. Her public identity will be revealed — relax, people, she's not a celebrity or anything — and she'll make her first-ever public appearance. She'll present a short talk about her origins and her process, and then she'll be in conversation with me for a while, and then she'll take your questions before signing books for as long as it takes.

I try to avoid conflicts of interest on this website, but I feel confident in saying that even if I were not a participant, this reading would be the Event of the Week. How often do you see the unmasking of a real local celebrity, the debut of a comic from one of our most interesting local cartoonists, and a celebration of the weird and wonderful things you find on everyday Seattle streets all in one night? The answer is never. You never get to see that kind of thing. This is going to be a special one.

Seattle Public Library, 1000 4th Ave., 386-4636,, 7 pm, free.