If this doesn't get you ready for autumn, nothing will

If that cool air and the smell of stew hasn't already awakened your consciousness to the world around you, we're in the beginning of fall, which means it's time to get into some real witchy stuff. This Friday, September 20th, there's a neat-looking metaphysical reading that deserves your attention:

Join mystic poet and performer Janaka Stucky for an immersive, multidisciplinary performance involving light, scent, and sound to introduce his new book of poetry ASCEND ASCEND. Janaka will be joined by cellist and composer Lori Goldston who has collaborated with artists ranging from Nirvana to Mark Mitchell and Lynn Shelton.

This event is put on by the local branch of Atlas Obscura and it's $18, which also gets you a copy of Stucky's book Ascend Ascend. And frankly, eighteen bucks is a steal for a performance by Goldston, who has been making beautiful, soulful cello music in Seattle for over two decades. She is a local treasure.

Get your tickets now for an event that will kick off the beginning of autumnal spooky season in style.