Book News Roundup: One bookstore opens, one bookstore closes, one bookstore narrowly avoids disaster

  • Yesterday, a fire in Ballard raged out of control on the 2300 block of NW Market Street. Amazing local restaurant La Isla was damaged, along with other businesses. We did see some good news from Secret Garden Books, which is just down the street:
  • According to a Facebook post, the Elliott Bay Book Company-themed Hudson Booksellers is now open in SeaTac International Airport. Stop by on your way to (or on your way back from) your next trip for some local recommendations.

  • Fremont's longtime nautical bookshop, SeaOcean Book Berth, is closing at the end of this month. Seattle Met writer Courtney Cummings really gets at what made the place special:

    Seattle’s nautical history is long and rich. Our city and its economy were built on lumber and fishing imports, shipyards and naval bases, freight and passenger transportation. Seattle still relies on this industry today through tourism, fishing, and ferry transportation. With SeaOcean’s closure, though, the city will bear one less gem of a resource.