This Saturday, stand up for our trans neighbors at Seattle Public Library

This Saturday, a group with the ridiculous acronym WoLF, which traffics in anti-trans panic, will be hosting a meeting at the Seattle Public Library downtown. SPL's Chief Librarian, Marcellus Turner's decision to host the meeting is an outright failure to uphold SPL's mission of inclusivity, and so it's up to us, the literary community of Seattle, to do what Turner was too cowardly to do: Stand up to WoLF and signal to the community that anti-trans hate is not acceptable.

Here is a Facebook invite to the rally, which begins at 4 pm at City Hall. At 5:45, the rally turns into a four-block march and outdoor protest at Seattle Public Library at 6 pm. You should go; SPL has repeatedly failed its trans patrons, staffers, and neighbors, and it's up to us to fix their mistake.

If you absolutely can't make it Saturday, you should definitely sign this petition demanding that "Seattle Public Library's administration make significant changes to repair its reputation and relationship with the trans community," with specific policies and actions spelled out for the library to follow. (Of course, if you can make the protest, you should still sign the petition.)

I really urge you to attend this rally. If you're reading this site, you are a member of Seattle's literary community. And it is up to us to correct Turner's egregious failure to protect everyone in this community.

Also, please follow Gender Justice League on Twitter, as they'll offer up-to-the-minute details about the rally.