Your Week in Readings: The best literary events from February 3rd - February 9th

Monday, February 3rd: Run Me to Earth Reading

Paul Yoon's novel Run Me to Earth is "about three orphaned children trying to survive in chaotic 1960s Laos." He'll be interviewed onstage by Hugo House events coordinator Rob Arnold.

Elliott Bay Book Company, 1521 10th Ave, 624-6600, http://, 7 pm, free.

Tuesday, February 4th: Unsun Reading

Andrew Zawacki's fifth poetry collection investigates signals and patterns and the old ways of doing things and how they change into the new ways of doing things. Hugo House, 1634 11th Avenue, 322-7030,, 7 pm, free.

Wednesday, February 5th: Verge Reading

See our Event of the Week column for more details. Third Place Books Seward Park, 5041 Wilson Ave S, 474-2200,, 7 pm, free.

Thursday, February 6th: Wake Up to What Matters Reading

The popular and charismatic young teacher Avikrita Vajra Sakya Rinpoche's book is an enthusiastic evangelist for Buddhism. His book Wake Up to What Matters is an introduction to Buddhism that is meant to appeal to young people. Third Place Books Lake Forest Park, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 366-3333,, 7 pm, free.

Friday, February 7th: What I Carry Reading

Jennifer Longo's novel is about a young girl growing up in foster care who is about to age out of the system when she finally starts to make friends and develop a community.

Third Place Books Lake Forest Park, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 366-3333,, 7 pm, free.

Saturday, February 8th: Daniel Clowes

The last time that Daniel Clowes read in Seattle, I'm pretty sure, was 2008. I can't recall the time before that. And in fact his most recent comic, Patience, came out four years ago. So he's not the most frequent book promoter of our age, is what I'm saying. If you'd like to meet the creator of Ghost World and Eightball and (my favorite of his) Ice Haven, this is your best chance for a while. He's in town to celebrate a studio edition that collects his art into a fancy book.

Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, 925 E. Pike St., 658-0110,, 6 pm, free.

Sunday, February 9th: Seattle's Coal Legacy Reading

Did you know that the region once had a series of bustling coal mines just north of Renton? And that Seattle was once in the top three exporters of coal in the world? John M. Goodfellow's new book, Seattle's Coal Legacy, is all about that forgotten history. Third Place Books Lake Forest Park, 17171 Bothell Way NE, 366-3333,, 6 pm, free.